CyanogenMod Hits Stable Release

CyanogenMod is one of those roms you either love or hate. They offer you a stock Google experience with a boatload of tweaks that you'd normally never get a chance to play with.
Amazing news drops today as CyanogenMod 10.1 hits a stable releases which have now gone live.

Not everyone likes to flash CyanogenMod Nightlies like I do, so if you're a stable only user, now's your chance.

Please keep in mind that not every single device will get the stable release right away, but a vast majority of them well.

Normally at this stage when they release a milestone release, they normally hold back a little and focus only on future milestone builds and less on nightlies. The little message they left seems to confirm history.

CyanogenMod's Message:

With the 10.1.0 code finalized, we will return to our M-release cycle and work towards adding additional functionality and features; including the new Privacy Guard feature, which was merged into the nightlies today.

There are many new and exciting things planned for the remainder of the year, just wait and see what we will do next!

So with that being said, it leads us to wonder when We'll see the next generation of Cyanogen when Google decides to drop the next edition of AOSP.