Android Blogger Mini Review - On Mobile

Being I'm the guy on Android Coliseum that pretty much uses his phone for 95% of all my duties around the website and Google+, I decided I'd give Google's own Blogger for Android for a little spin.

This is pretty much a test for myself, but being this is a blog I'll also provide my thoughts about Android's updated Blogger app.

So far the UI on the mobile app is still very limited. One of the biggest flaws of the previous version was not having the ability where to place your pictures, they'd all end up at the bottom of the post. I added my favorite wallpaper as well and sure enough it gets trapped at the bottom.

I have no access to Blogger tools such as bullets, paragraph options or separators. I'm able to make my letters lean (not sure the proper name for that) and make my letters bold and link stuff, sadly that's about it.

Though Blogger on go with Android is pretty awesome, I can't see it being useful in a semi or professional setting. This page I'm building now looks terrible and is completely done sitting on my couch with my HTC One. 

This concludes my test/review of blogger on Android. I'm very disappointed in it and won't be making another blog post from it for a long while. Thanks for joining me on this.