WrapCam - Funky edits for your snaps

So, I'm not going to claim myself as a photog, but I like to take photos.  What I need is a way to share them more ... hmm... g+ is pretty awesome for that.
For editing, the built in editor has most of what you need... I covered a bunch of topics on this before; check out my overall article.

But sometimes there's just that 'one effect' you want to get, that nothing else has.

Well, here's a new entrant that I had requested to cover (at the request of the developer mind you, so bear that in mind).

WrapCam.  I'm looking specifically at the Lite version.

It's a pretty flashy looking.  You can load a photo from your gallery and or take a new shot.

Nothing really overly new that you hadn't seen before.  But for a free version to try it out and see if it's worth the $1.01, might well be worth your time if you like some funky edits.

there's an option to 'overlay' 2 shots

I found most of the filters to be a little 'campy' and over done.

some are ... in my mind, unnecessary, but again, there may be a specific use case you might want it for (note the watermark for the lite version)

Specifically, you have to watch the 'one touch enhance' button... hit it more than once and it over sharpens pretty quickly.