Which Skin did Win? [poll results]

As is my want, I like knowing your opinions... usually that's a sign of not having any of my own, but that's definitely not the case.

Especially with this poll.

Last week I asked you "Which Skin Wins?" as a way to see which you preferred for your phone:  Stock feel, TouchWiz (Samsung), Sense (HTC), etc...

Here's how you answered:
Is that image a bit of a giveaway...

Overwhelmingly in favour of stock... and then TouchWiz is 2nd place with very little for any other.

It's funny tho', when I asked "WHY" much of the answers weren't for how much they were FOR stock, but AGAINST TouchWiz ... which still won 2nd place.

The 'others' were merely folks suggesting launchers overtop of their current skins.  The only thing is that it only affects the homescreen and not system UI deep.

But the clear reason that Stock won out?  Simplicity.  So. True.