Where'd all the free space on my phone go?

So, I remember when the Nexus One came out and there was such hue and cry about the absence of the SD card.  I said goodbye and good riddance personally (you can read my old rant about that on the old site).

Well, without a card, you tend to have to watch your space a little more closely.  Personally I'm in a 2-3 month rotation for photos (depending on the amount I take in that period) and I just watch for big downloads and whatnot.

I've never bumped up against my 16GB space on my Nexus 4 (or the S3, or the Galaxy Nexus), but in case you do, and you wonder where did all that space go, here's my suggested app to help you with it!

[Update - apparently the app is pretty old and the link is dead -- use this file to sideload or read my reviews of 2 other alternatives]
Sure, there's plenty out there... just plenty.

For me this is the best one... or at least the easiest for me to understand.

Run the app and it'll scan your device.  What I really like is that it lays the biggest folders at the top of the screen.  Look for the biggest boxes to help you determine what's eating the most.

You can see that the biggest file on my phone is a video I made.  Then there's a big .thumbnail folder.  So knowing that I can go into either the app and delete (ensure I've made a backup of the video) or go into the apps and clear cache/data to remove some.

In the second photo you can see some of the apps that have chewed up some space as well (use a pinch/spread to zoom in and scan around) - there's some cached maps and there's some cached files from CX... so if I'm dying for space I'll go and clear those out.

I should have done this review before I did some cleaning, because there are some apps that have TONS of cache (like dropbox), and sometimes for some reasons there's multiple .thumbnail files in there.

The drawback is that I'd love to be able to tap the file/folder and it should bring me to the file location... but I know my way around anyways.

This is a good app to really watch your phone and it's space to see where it's going and watching to ensure you don't have a ton of files that are unwanted (like for some reason how it'll make duplicates of those .thumbnail files -- when I had Picasa syncing on those were almost a gigabyte alone).

Give it a try -- but word of warning -- don't just delete things willy nilly... that's just asking for issues.  Be smart.

Get it on Google Play