Samsung reveals Galaxy Tab 3 7.0

Is it just me that's getting tired of the naming scheme?  I guess it's better than an iPhone 3GS, (just keep adding letters and whatnot).

But Galaxy Tab 3 7.0...  anyways.  It's outed now by Samsung, but no word on availability or pricing as of yet.

Here's the specs:
7" @ 1024x600
1.2GHz x2 w/ 1GB RAM
3MP / 1.3MP
A little underwhelming to say the least, but at least it looks like the other devices (S4, Note 2, etc...).  Not sure I'm liking the similarity across the line (a la iPads/iPhones).

My biggest bet will be what the pricing is.  It'd have to be waay less than the Nexus 7 in order to compete.