Quick App Introduction: ApkRenamer Pro 2.0.1

Did you ever think of an app you never though you'd find and kinda found it by chance while looking for another app in the Play Store? Well, it happened to me a couple of weeks ago. For over 2 years, I have been backing up my app files (APK) just in case I had to re-install the previous version because of incompatibility with the new updates. Of course, that (bad) habit all started with my HTC Hero under Froyo when a few updates wouldn't work properly and I didn't have the previous file to reverse my update.

Like I said, it happened to me twice 2 years ago and I still save my APK files to this day. One of the "challenge" was always to rename those filenames to the proper names so I can find them easily when I search for them.

I finally stumbled across ApkRenamer Pro, a small app that searches a folder (and it's subfolders) on your phone and rename these APK files automatically for you. Amen!

Here's a few screenshots for you:

Very simple UI with the option to use a dark theme! Yes please!

Basic options are available in the free version and all of them are unlocked in the Pro version.

Exemple of a few app files ready to be renamed.

You can decide to have three parts to your filename.

IMHO, the pro version needs a little bit of work because I find the extra options to not be as well executed as you would think they'd be. So I paid the $0.99 for the pro version just to support the dev and I hope the app will get better and the updates will keep coming our way! Very useful for anybody who wants to keep a backup with a proper renamed APK file :)

They even have a Windows version HERE for your convenience.

Get it on Google Play