Phone Theft On The Rise, Police Issue Warnings

It's no stranger to anyone that theft is a common problem, but it's starting to get out of hand.

Police issued a warning to all pedestrians and public trasnit users to keep an extra close eye on your surroundings, and that phone theft is soaring to an all time high.

I personally have seen a few snatch and grabs in my day, and yes it happens so fast. Before you even realize what had happen, the thief is already got a 20 foot full speed head start.

Next time you want to put those ear buds in and turn off the world around you, just be mindful of the easy target you're turning yourself in to.
Unfortunately woman are obviously prime targets to the snatch and grab style of theft due to their often smaller stature.

Eyes and ears people, keep those phones safe. They are more valuable than the wallet in your pocket, or the purse on your shoulder.