Mighty Text works mighty well

My first tablet was the Galaxy Tab and I got it with a data plan. I quickly found that I didn't need a plan as by provider allows tethering to phones. Enter the WiFi only tablets. The only issue I had was I couldn't get text messages because I didn't have a phone number. Enter Mighty Text, a free app that sends your texts to both your wifi device and computer.

When I first started looking around I naturally thought of Tablet Talk since I had heard about it from forums. I thought I would look around a bit more for though to see if this works well in Canada (sometimes things happen). After installing the app on the phone, You sign up for a Mighty Text account and all texts are flowed through that account. the account can be used to backup both SMS and MMS messages. You then install the app on any tablet you would like messaged displayed on, log into the account and you're ready to go.

It does work well and there is very little lag between the message arriving on the phone and on the tablet in a pop up window. You can reply to any texts using the tablet or PC. On your phone, use the messaging app of choice and on the computer or tablet you will see all messages displayed in Might Text.

This app set does what it says it does very seamlessly and at a very reasonable price - free.

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