Keeping track of your files (local and cloud)

So the other day I posted a review on apps that let you watch your storage space on your device (then I had  to post a second article as that app wasn't in the store anymore).

What I didn't really talk about was how to work with those files (well I did, but briefly).

With that in mind, I want to show off a couple tools to manage the files you have, whether they're in the cloud (you know me, I'm a cloud storage guy) or on the device locally (can we call non-cloud files, ground files?)

I'll take a look at some 'ground file' management, and then launch into some 'cloud file' management.

First let's take a look at one of my favourite apps for file systems, Solid Explorer.  I used this when it was just simple beta and it was free, so when it came out of beta, I immediately bought the key to unlock it (kind of a weird system to have to purchase to unlock... not a fan of it, I'd rather just have to buy a 'pro' versus a 'lite' version, but that's just me).

Some versions of Android/Skins have a file system / manager already there, stock doesn't.  Either way, I still recommend Solid Explorer.

On the first level it's an app that let's you see all your files.  I had to go into the settings to adjust it to ensure I got it so that it showed hidden files (i.e. those .files like .thumbnails) and have directories listed first.

To work with the files you have you can just tap on them, then depending on the 'hooks' for that file, you can open it with whatever applicable app.

Long press a file to have other options like Cut/Copy etc...  (note Send is the 'share').

You can even drag and drop (long press on the thumbnail).  Simple tap on the thumbnails lets you select multiple items (and you'll then notice action keys below pop up for cut/copy etc...).

Then here's where it gets cool.  If you notice at the bottom it has a blue bar that goes halfway... that's there because they have 2 panels.  If you swipe to the right you'll see the bar move and you'll have another 'panel' or think of it like a 'window'.  This comes in handy because you make make it quickly move / copy to the other panel easily (rather than Cut the files, navigate, navigate, navigate, paste).

Then you also have some other options too.  You can apparently set up a network file sharing (similar to AirDroid if you're familiar with that).

You can even add an FTP to explore as well (for some reason it just never quite works as well for me... I think our NAS drive has issues).

What you also see there is a connection to 'clouds'.  And copying between a cloud service and a local file system is as simple as before with having the local 'download' folder on the left panel and 'copy to' a cloud panel on the right.

Now you're only limited to Dropbox, Box, Drive, Skydrive, & Sugarsync.  Here's hoping they add CX or Copy soon.

Pretty good stuff.  And it still does a lot more even... Disk space usage, etc...

Solid Explorer
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Solid Explorer Unlocker
Get it on Google Play

Now for some more looking into just cloud storage viewing. Cloudii is just like the last part of Solid there, so if you don't want to pay for Solid but still want to look at your clouds and work with some files this is for you.

Currently it only supports:  Drive, Skydrive, Box and Dropbox.  I'm attaching their stock photos (not my own screenshots), because I thought installing it would be redundant when I have Solid.

Cloudii is currently a 14 day trial, after which you'll have to pay for it via an in-app purchase (does that sync as well to other devices?).  Which the auth describes as a cup of coffee.

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