HTC One review video [legit or fake?]

When I get to videos I'm not a big fan of, I usually 'dislike' and then move on...

...but something about this one bugs me.  No, it's not just because he's dissing the HTC One (still selling my S3 to help raise funds so I can buy my own -- just saying).  I'm at least somewhat objective in my opinions.  I'm open minded.

But this... something still smells awry
Part of me feels really guilty sharing.  Maybe it's because Samsung was busted recently for hiring students to bash the HTC One.  Maybe it's because he only has 2 videos (only recently just added one to show off the good points).  Maybe it's because he's not showing his face... his Google+ profile is empty...   Maybe it's because he starts off saying he doesn't like to be negative, but then spends 20 minutes beating it down.

...but still... I'll let you watch to determine.

It's taken me a few times to get through it, because I get a little irate listening to his complaints and constant comparisons to the iPhone 5.  Finally getting through it, I can say I ran into NONE of the issues he had.

Check out my review: