How We Love Our Android SmartPhones

It's easy to fall in love with our Android devices, or any smartphone for that matter. The love between man and machine goes back years, and not just for smartphones. As our world of technology and personal lives grow ever closer together year by year, it leaves one to wonder how close we will really get.

It's easy to be one of those people who say, "Well...It's just a phone, what's the big deal." And they are correct, but it's our attachment to the phone that hurts us in the long run.

Rewind back 10 years ago. I was able to remember nearly all my friends and families phone numbers off the top of my head, now I'm so reliant on my phone, I almost don't remember my own number when asked. This is a great thing for our phones to keep track of all this stuff so we don't have to, but what about the off chance that we become separated from our phones?

When most of us lose our wallets and/or purses, we get upset and a little flustered as we know we'll have to call all these companies and have our credit cards frozen, and pay for replacement cards of other various nature. But when we lose our phones, we're nearly placed in a sense of panic, like you've just lost your first born son.
I've said this a few times before and I'll say it again, there's more financial loss to losing your phone over your wallet and/or purse.

When you lose your wallet/purse, you lose the money inside and have to go through the hassle of cancelling all your cards and perhaps ordering replacements. If the thief runs your cards and loads up charges, it's easy to have it fixed with insurgence.
When you lose your phone, you've instantly lost $200 - $800, and you've exposed your passwords, Facebook, Gmail, photos, PayPal, eBay, and some phones even allow you to store Credit Card information such as Google Chrome, which makes losing your phone much worse than losing your wallet.
This of course may be debatable from person to person, but that's my own personal views on it.

I'm one of those people who can stand up and say, "I love my Phone!", and like many other people, I'm even willing to go to a verbal war to defend my favourite brand and device. This also leads me to a question I offer to our readers.

What's the most outrageous thing you've done to go out of your way for your smartphone?

Me? I've gone half way to work and realized I forgot my phone. I turned around knowing I was going to be late for work just to retrieve my phone. Pretty sad eh?

Lets hear your story. Feel free to post in the comments below.