How much has your device replaced 'normal computing' [poll results]

So I asked the question last week to see how less you were heading to your laptop/desktop versus just pulling out your phone...

We even talked about it during our Hangout last Friday.  Let's see if you answered like we did...
So, for the first question, how much more/less are you using your 'main computer'...

Not at all
A little
A lot
what desktop?

Pretty staggering in my mind.  There's got to be 'something' for me at least for me to go to my computer these days.  Uploading youtube videos from my camera, long article writing, WYSIWYG editing, etc...

I also asked you what were the things you found yourself surprised at that you're using on your device and not going to your computer for.  Here's some of the examples:

  • Blogging 
  • Controlling my TV.  My phone has replaced my TV remote. 
  • editing - video/image/audio
  • handling files on the go via google drive
  • I use my phone to media serve my PS3 with my music and TV shows
  • Network management 
  • Photogrammetry
  • Photoshop,  online purchases,  listening to music. 
  • Since I bought the Note 8.0, my laptop only gets used to edit Google settings that can't be changed via mobile devices. 
  • Using it to practice guitar (back track, tabs) 

So, in the comments, write down some of the items that you find yourself still not handing over to your device.