Google TV adoption Poll Results

It's no secret that it's hard to be a true Google fan here in Canada.  Many services that others gets, we're left out of:

One item that sits in the 'quasi' category is Google TV.  Sure we can buy the Sony GTV box, and even buy the items outside of Canada and bring them in, but using them is limited.  We're missing some of the best parts, like universal (read cable guide) search, etc...

Despite that neglected experience, some of you had bought in... here's the results of the poll

First off... who bought?

Only 25% of those who responded said they had purchased one.  For those that bought it, nearly all said that it either barely fit into the Android ecosystem, or didn't at all.

Only half of those who bought, said they would buy again... ouch.

Now, for those 75% who didn't buy... I asked "why"

Here's some of those answers:
[I put some of my responses in bold parentheses]
Because it's not in Canada [yup, it is...]
Not really clear on how much functionality is actually available in Canada.  I really want it to succeed but I feel it needs to mature a little more before I can put money towards it.
already have a Boxee Box, haven't felt a need for Google TV yet. 
"When I watch TV, I generally do so with my phone or tablet in hand, which allows me to do everything that I would want to do, related to Android. I have no interest in using many apps or web browsing on my TV; I mainly want to watch YouTube or Netflix, both of which I can do painlessly on my Xbox 360. I have nothing against Google TV, but for my usage it doesn't offer me any type of service or additional convenience that I don't already get elsewhere." 
I already have a tv. Don't need a new one. Use my current tv in connection with an old laptop to watch internet streaming services (Netflix, Space) and digitized movies from my own DVD collection. [I think this person missed the point... Google TV isn't a TV per se... just the 'box']
I bought an android stick,  but that's not the same.  Google TV? Maybe when they come out with their Netflix  
Have appletv but would switch if it was web cam capable. [The Revue is capable, and so is the Sony, so I've been told]
Can't find a descent price  [the Revue is $100 on ebay sites... but it is an OLD item tho']
Oddly enough, haven't seen enough about it and how much access would Canadians get?   [they did poor marketing in general... let alone the Canadian side]
why go out and buy another piece of hardware? Everything these days that has a display, most of them are capable of running apps. So why don't they just develop an app to be played from a device like the PS3, xbox, any android device. Then subscrie to Google TV like Netflix. Charge a monthly fee and get TV Networks on board. I don't want to bring in and pay more for home tv/internet. I would rather be able to have them on my personal mobile devices.  
don't watch much tv  
I can accomplish what I want to do with my PS3, computers, Xbox 360 and Android phone on my TV.  
Happy enough with Netflix over my Roku for my limited tv viewing. 
Using an Odroid U2 as a media player, Google Movies, XBMC, and Netflix.
So there you have it... the list goes on.  Mostly saying that they've either never heard of it (so not understanding what it is - you can see some think it IS a TV, others think it's a SERVICE), or they have a device which already does something similar to what GTV is (a smartTV box to stream video).

If Google is coming up with a successor to the Q or similar, they really need to make something that can differentiate itself from other 'set top box devices'.