Get a handle on your app permissions with Clueful

I admit, I am not as good with checking permissions as I should be and, yes, sometime I make bad choices and pick the pretty option. Luckily Clueful is here to remind me of risks.

A lot of times I think, because I am downloading mostly from the Play Store by device is safe but developers can slip in extra permissions. Clueful v(free app) makes it easy to assess the status of your device as well as determine if the apps have reasonable permissions. When you first start it up it gives your device a privacy score after scanning all your apps - higher is better. It's in a nice colour coded visual with an interpretation of your privacy score. Apps are broken into High, Moderate and Low Risk and further breaks down into lists of apps you can select to review permissions. If you find an app has unexpected permissions you can check the play store or with the developer to see why the permission was needed...or you can simply trust the permission won't be abused.

BitDefender first did the Carrier IQ detector and has since come out with a subscription security suite for $9.99/year. It's very complete and a 14 day trial is offered.

One high risk app can drag your privacy score down quite a bit. I had a very pretty skin for GoSMS but it was a high risk app and wanted to add notification ads so it went away upping my privacy score.