Get Halo & Chat Head style popups with Floating Notifications

Chat heads and Halo style popups seem to be all the craze right now, and why shouldn't they be?
We have the most amazing platform on our phones with endless capabilities and this is just another brick in the road.

Thanks to the Senior member at XDA by the name of Crazyfool_1, we now have the option to have floating notifications similar to Halo or chat heads.

You customize which app you wish to be monitored to receive these notifications, also how big you'd like them to be. As you can see I just did a simple text message test above, and it floats there until I double tap to clear it, or simply open it up and and answer the notification.

You're able to move these notifications around where ever you please, so if you get one while browsing the internet, moving it out of your way is very easy.

Controlling this app is as easy as ever with very simple controls:

  • Tap to open the stack
  • Tap the current notification to close the stack
  • Tap the text of a notification to launch that app
  • Drag the first notification in the stack to move around the screen
  • Double tap to close a notification
  • Double tap a closed stack to close all notifications

Best of all, Floating notifications is free and doesn't require any kind of root access, so virtually anyone can grab it and start using it. Please be mindful that this is still in Alpha stages, so bugs may and probably will occur, but as of right now it's working flawlessly for me.
The only thing you have to do as a user is allow it Accessibility permission by going to ( Settings > Accessibility > Floating Notifications ) and turning it on.

You can find the Download files and answers to questions in the XDA forum post Here.

[Source: XDA]