Amazon FINALLY releases their App Store for Canada

In the past week, or so, we were reminded by Google that we don't get much love here north of the 49th (I mean that to generally include all of Canada, as I know there are some of Canucks south of the 49th technically speaking).

Anyhow, Amazon has finally opened its doors to Canadians.
Now, it opened on March 2011... so over 2 years later before it allowed us to use it?  Did they not want our money?

Sure, when Google's Marketplace came out in Canada with the HTC G1, aka the Dream there were no paid apps available, but it didn't take 2 years to come out.

But it's here, let's not have sour grapes.  I mean they do have that 'free app of the day'.

Granted, you have to sideload the APK... which while it's not a pain, why?

My bigger questions involve the 'syncing' of your app data.  If I download the app, can I get the app on my other devices with the same account (thankfully I had saved my password somewhere)?  What if I get the 'free app of the day' and then in a couple days decide I don't want it on my phone... can I download it still for free at a later time?

Questions I'm sure will be answered in due time, it's only a day old to us!

In the meantime go download it and get today's free app - Fruid Ninja