You've got mail - a review of the Canada Post app

You might think that Canada Post is so yesterday but between package movement and bill delivery, it can be very handy to get information from Canada Post on your Android (or iOS) Device.

A long time ago I got rid of all the paper bills possible by signing up for e-post through my bank. A handy email with a link to pay bills on time is great when you're by a computer but what about when you aren't? Canada Post has created a comprehensive app that has most of the features (I don't use their site often) that one would expect. From ordering personalized stamps to checking amounts of bills ready for payment, the apps works well for mail related information. While it's not quite the holo design, it  has a clean look with a couple of means for accessing the service you are interested in.

Since Google now doesn't track Canada Post packages, it's nice to have an app that can. Simply input the tracking number and you can see where your package is at any time. Handy for when you're sending those Xmas gifts and you cut the timing close or sending an insured item.

The aspect I was most interested in was the epost function and it's very slick. After signing in to your epost account you can do the same kind of stuff you can from the full feature web site. You can add a mailer, review bills with details and move them to different folders. Unfortunately it's not connected with the banking app I use but you can always copy and paste between apps.

We spoke briefly on the Friday Night Hangout about how people are moving away from using a desktop computer. The Canada Post app allows people who run a mail order business to do everything from their device at home or on the go.

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  1. Thanks for the review and the Friday Night Hangout Demo, I'm now a user!


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