Your Next Phone Is... [Poll results]

It was a question I'm often asked - What should I buy for my next phone?

It's a loaded question with even the writers here split on a decision.  So I put it to a poll and let you guys voice your opinion!

So, what was the most popular choice?
Picking a new phone isn't easy.  There's so much timing involved, and brand loyalty, pouring over specs and features, and then just determining about future upgrades, etc...

It's not simple at all.  So, I just left it as a simple "knowing what you know now" question, which would you buy... and here's what you said:

Samsung Galaxy S4
Sony Xperia Z / ZL
LG Optimus G Pro
LG Nexus 4
Samsung Galaxy Note 2
So, the clear winner was the LG Nexus 4, with the HTC One and the S4 practically neck and neck.  But let's not discount that 'other' section.

In that 17%, almost 4% said they'd pick up the mysterious X Phone by Motorola; and then 8% said they'd pick up the Next Nexus.

That's interesting to me.  2 phones we literally know NOTHING about (except for some rumours, but I don't count that) were their choices over something they know currently everything about.  A sizeable 12% there.  I think that says something about the popularity of the Nexus lineup.  That even with NO knowledge, people already want it, forgoing any manufacturer preference.

Okay, so let's take a look at others in the 'other' pile:

  • Padfone
  • Fly
  • One S (As the proud owner of a Nexus 7, I don't need a phone that "does it all". The HTC One S has what I want; decent screen, enough power under the hood, and good battery life. Also, thin, light and small enough to be dropped in any pocket.)
  • Ascend P1 (cant get a phone contract, so wanted a budget phone with good performance)
  • iPhone (iOS delivers a way better UX/UI) - I smell a troll
  • Mozilla
  • Note 8 (As a courier, the screen size is awesome for GPS, S pen for jotting down note for last minute deliveries, and just because it can be used as a phone for when dispatch calls me. Plus it's just cool. Failing that, a Note)
  • Nokia Lumia 920
  • Siemens CX65 (As a courier, the screen size is awesome for GPS, S pen for jotting down note for last minute deliveries, and just because it can be used as a phone for when dispatch calls me. Plus it's just cool. Failing that, a Note)
But why?  Why did you choose what you did?

LG Nexus 4

  • Android, Camera
  • because I'm updating, used to have a nexus s
  • because of stock android!
  • Because the price if getting it fixed is almost the same price as a new Nexus 4.
  • Clean, fast, supported, latest OS always
  • cuz i have it :D
  • Fastest updates
  • For that sweet quick next version goodness.
  • Google Android fan.
  • google experience
  • google phone.
  • have a galaxy nexus and i just like stock android
  • I already have a N4. Nothing else tempts me. No one does anything that can come close to this device. 
  • I am not interested in manufacturer and carrier bloatware
  • I have a Nexus 7 and love it.
  • I love android and currently have a Galaxy S and a Nexus 7. I've been keeping my GS up to date by using custom ROM's but it's tiresome backing up and flashing all the time. I love the simplicity of updating with my Nexus 7 so I thought I'd like the same with my phone. The Nexus 4 may not have the very best specs but they are great for the price and it will have excellent software support well into the future. Hence, I am buying a Nexus 4 very soon!
  • i love my nexus phone!
  • It's a Nexus 2. Pure Vanilla Android 3. It's a Nexus  4. Has some of the latest specs 5. It's a darn Nexus ffs!
  • It's a Nexus. I have a Galaxy Note 10.1 for artist creation and a ThinkPad X200s for coding and blogging.
  • Need Nexus
  • Never left Android ;)
  • Nexus!
  • Nexus. 
  • Once you go Nexus you never go back... just sayin'
  • Price + stock Android.
  • Pure android 
  • Pure Android
  • Pure Google
  • pure nexus
  • Stock Android with updates
  • stock clean up to date android
  • Support directly from google

Obviously the biggest here is that it's going to get the updates the easiest and it's stock Android (most manipulable).

  • 1080p, not too big, want to play with that camera. Ugly though.
  • Bigger and better
  • Coming from Galaxy Nexus I am ready for something different. If there are any issues I'm sure the HTC One will have some developer support with it's solid hardware. I'll be fine either way. It will be good to have a metal phone again!
  • Design, screen and BoomSound
  • for the looks and performance
  • Hardware wise, I believe the HTC has finally returned to their roots and built a true powerhouse. This may be the phone that brings them back on a level playing field.
  • HTC's build quality, great screen, Developer support
  • i like the ultra pixels
  • I love HTC. It's durable and has a nice design
  • It has an good design 
  • Its awesome design.
  • look, and build quality
  • Loving it's camera. Great design.
  • nice skin with nice build quality
  • S4 is too much close to my S3
Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Awesome
  • because it has a lot of new features like S Translator or new photo setting
  • Currently have a Note 2 and love the hardware.
  • happy with my S3, i am sure i'd be happier with S4
  • I  wouldn't trade my  Note II  for any of these,  but if it didn't exist, I would probably go with the S4  because the specs are outstanding  and I am a fan of TW.  It's a bit mainstream,  but improving on a good idea is always a plus in my books.
  • I already have the LG Nexus 4
  • I currently have the SGS3.  I am very impressed with it that I am confident that I will love the SGS4.  My previous device was the HTC Desire Z.  There are some things that I do like about Sense and those are its build-in widgets.  However, I am using Nova Prime launcher now.  I am not sure if Sense widgets are available to third party launchers.  If they were, it would make me choose the HTC One.
  • I have a Galaxy Note 2 and is awesome. So, the most powerfull is the S4.
  • I have always been on Android and always will be! I like the software on the S4 and the hardware is not the best, but still good enough!
  • is the best smart phone this year.
  • Its the only one that has everything I want, except the newest WiFi charging technique..
  • Leave? No way!!!
  • Love my Galaxy S2
  • personally i have an N4 now,id wait for the n5 or moto X
  • Removable battery
  • samsung to me has the best overall user experience on the market to date.
  • the best one
  • The SGS4 offers the overall best package after considering all aspects of these phones have to offer. 
If you want to take a look at the results, feel free to peruse the doc.

Thanks to everyone who answered!