Nexus 4 Wireless Charger issues?

*Well... It finally happen to me*
I've read a few complaints about people's Nexus 4 sliding off the Wireless charger.
At first I dismissed the complaints thinking their phones are probably dirty and dusty, or the charger itself isn't clean, because mine had worked flawlessly for the two weeks I've been using it.

It doesn't slide off per-se, but the Nexus 4 slides down just enough to break the wireless charging connection. I'm not sure why this starts happening now and now two weeks ago when I first got the charger. I've inspected it for dust and everything, but nothing seems to work.

I've inspected my charger and phone to ensure no dust or finger oils are disrupting this connection, but nothing seems to point to the cause of the problem. This is the 2nd time it's happen to me. Placing my phone at bed time with around 30% charge and waking up in the morning with 70% and the phone is no longer charger and has slide down over night.

This is just an interesting thing to me. I've seen other people talking about it and I just wanted to throw out an article to see if anyone else is having this problem. Perhaps you've found a solution? Why not share your results with our little community here?


  1. Makes me leery about purchasing it now... maybe i should just get that Powermat... lay down flush

  2. Exact same problem here. Been about 2 weeks and then it slid down. I noticed easily because I woke up in the middle of the night and my screen was off instead of My daydreaming dashclock. Happened twice that night and once last night and I make sure my vibrate is off at night too. Kind of sucks for a $60 toy:(

    1. Yes, same here. I use CyanogenMod's quiet mode. Which stops all sound and vibrations after 10PM,so I know it's not from that.

      It's a real shame indeed. Oh well getting a new phone soon anyways lol.

  3. I wonder if it was designed with the bumper in mind. The bumper would add friction and also a dampening effect from vibration and thus prevent slippage. The cause (and effect) of the glass back.

    1. That's a very good point.
      I'll give that a try tonight to see.

  4. Well, my lengthy comment got erased when I tried to Preview in Firefox, so I'll link you to my original G+ post via Chrome.

    As for the cause of the slippage, I think it might be influenced not only by dust accumulation, but the humidity of the room. In northern cities, there's very little water vapor in the air during the colder months, and that can reduce the amount of friction between any two surfaces, and likely makes the coefficient of friction between the orb and glass-backed phone drop below the critical value to prevent sliding at the orb's angle. Notice how your finger will glide over the phone's front screen when it is really dry out, but in more humid conditions or if you are perspiring, your finger will tend to catch on the glass as you slide.
    I may try to reangle my orb to the original pitch when it gets more humid here and see if the sliding problem disappears.


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