Samurai vs. Zombies Defense 2

As part of our Friday Night Hangouts, we have a portion dedicated to showcasing an app from each person on our panel.  We call it our '#appcoliseum'.

Last week we had a them of 'games', and my choice was Samurai vs. Zombies Defense 2.

I was a little addicted to the first iteration, so I was interested in a sequel.  I grew tired of the original pretty quickly, but the new iteration provides some neat new additions that really separates the 2.

For those of you who haven't played SvZ1, the idea is kind of like a reverse tower defense.  A steady stream of baddies come towards your guy and his 'Sacred Gate'.  If they get past your guy and destroy the gate, level over.  If you defeat all the baddies, you get to proceed to the next level and get all the goodies you earned. You can get power ups and allies to help call during the fight and other little things.
But that was version 1, let's go to version 2!
Version 2 introduces 2 new 'heroes' to choose to play as:  Ronin and Kunoichi.
There's also the Sorceress, but I haven't felt like I needed to spend $55 on buying her.
Each of them have their own strengths and weaknesses and special powers.  It also means that there's more to spend your money and glu credits on.  This is the coolest part tho'.  Especially that Kunoichi, she really kicks ass.  Doesn't have a lot of health, but she deals out a LOT of pain, quickly. There are also some new allies this time around, nothing super groundbreaking cool, but neat none the less.
The best part about #2 tho' is there are 2 different methods of game play introduced into the standard story method:  Daily Challenge and Multiplayer
Daily Challenge Essentially a REALLY hard level, that they will tell you which guy to play as and which power ups you'll get. Get through it tho', and there's a ton of loot for ya!
Multiplayer I haven't quite figured out what the 'deal' is, ie. are you playing against someone else?  Or some AE based on another player.  Anyways, there are bunch of 'artifacts', and you need to go and get several to complete an artifact and then get the 'boost' it provides.  There's a bunch, more sushi, more tea, stronger swords (+5/+10), stronger bow, stronger armor, etc...
To play these levels you need to have the proper amount of 'souls'.  You get souls by either waiting (like 1 for every 5 seconds) or collecting during levels. So that's it in a nutshell.. it seems simple, but damn it's addictive.
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