Samsung dropping some sourcecodes for the Galaxy S4

The devices aren't quite yet at the carriers yet, but there's plenty of people eager and waiting to get their hands on it (namely +Cass Morrison)

Some folks are super eager for it to be out, but also to get rooted and to allow some custom ROMs to remove that "TouchWiz"yness.  Unless you like it.  And there are a lot of you who do.

But for those that are waiting for some AOSP goodness coming to the S4 it won't be that long, as it seems that Samsung has already released the Open Source for their builds.
So if you check Samsung's Open Source site:

You'll see some listing for the i9500 (i.e. international octa core version), the i9505 (most likely the North American quadcore) and the i337M (Virgin Mobile).

Now, what's not clear is if other Canadian carriers will have the i9505 or the i337M version as well.

When you search and get the i9505 you only see the 'latin' version... hrmm...

But at least it's out there, so the ROM devs can start their cookery magic!  Have at 'er!