Poll - how many apps do you have on your device?

photo from:  http://venturebeat.com/2012/06/07/quixey-app-search-20m/
Because I have 2 fresh new devices in front of me, they're blazing fast.

Often the 'new puppy' syndrome gets us to overlook some flaws, so we think it's better.  In some cases that's true.  But for phones it's usually because when they're new, there's nothing really on them yet to bog them down.

For example, when I use my own phone, it has 2 Gmail, 2 Hotmail, 2 Exchange mail, G+, Facebook, 3 Twitter and a plethora of other accounts that it's constantly polling (or getting push info on).  On my tester phones I usually only put my AndroidColiseum Gmail on, maybe 1 Exchange account, maybe Facebook.  Let alone not as many apps in general.

Sure, there's a good argument for how well Android handles RAM and app management, but there still is a pretty direct correlation with 'more apps = slightly slower performance'.  So, how many apps do you have?
Number of apps isn't the only way to help tweak performance, but I sometimes long for the 'clean' phones that Tom tends to show off... but I need apps.  I try to Spring Clean now and again, culling the list down, but there's just sometimes I end up being the hoarder.

How about you?
[for comparison sake, let's just use the number you see in the Play Store]