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Poll - do you use your device while driving?

many city's law enforcement agencies are having 'blitzes' lately
In my city they're recently starting a big campaign to cut down on 'distracted driving'.  Plus, with all the news of Google Glass, plus seeing how some states are pre-emptively stating that using it or even your phone's maps are a 'distraction'... it's been something on my mind lately.

Especially as my morning's commute still is the car (not warm enough to bike just yet) so I'm getting in a few 'drive by hacks' with Ingress.  Usually I slow down and pull into the parking lot and hack, then drive off.

So what are your device habits while in charge of the vehicle?
No, we're not going to track who you are and report you (I don't even think that's possible with Google Docs).  Please be honest.  I'm curious.

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