Play Store 4.0.25 [download it now]

So, not only is everybody super excited for rumours, they love their leaks and early sneak peeks.

The Facebook Home isn't due out until the end of the week (for the US), but people couldn't wait and it eventually got the dark screen treatment.

Yesterday, Google announced a new version of the Play Store that had been leaked already in the past while.  So it's official and it's out.

Now, it's a new version and it's pretty much entirely esthetically changed.  Nothing else new.

And, what did you expect?  There's the new announcement that Play Music is in more areas (of course not Canada).  Who knows, maybe when we actually get the roll out of the actual Play Store update maybe we'll have more news, but..
So here's the new look...

kinda stark... then again, I just did download the APK instead of waiting patiently, so maybe because we're not getting the update yet, we're not getting the rest of the screen stuff.

If you read the blog release:
The redesigned Google Play store app starts rolling out today for Android phones and tablets running Android 2.2 (Froyo) and above. People around the world should see it over the next few weeks. Get ready for a simpler Google Play. (ed. emphasis is mine)
"over the next few weeks" - like rolling out a UI change up will take weeks, but the US gets it immediately.  I tire of this 'Sorry Canada' feel that Google has towards us.  Maybe I'm just tired and shouldn't write at night.

I'm torn... I like new, innovative etc..., especially functional minimalism, but it's not 'popping at me'.

There's also no longer any "auto update" per app, it's now an 'all apps or nothing' essentially.

What do you think?  Do you notice anything else added in?


  1. I think it's much better than the current version of Play Store. I like the card look.

    1. Running it this morning too.
      The classic white and green look in apps reminds me of the classic Android Market before it was Google Play Store.

      More unified, with a retro throwback.


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