Must have apps for Ingress

[UPDATE:  do not use as the current version will get you banned]

I keep saying that I'm not an 'obsessive' Ingress player, but apparently, really I am.  I still play every day (you can't not drive by the portals on my way to work, and now I'm just about accessible to 2 from my office) and I regularly check #Ingress posts and communities and what not.

So, what are the apps that you should have on your phone for you to make the most of your Ingress time?

If you do a search on the Play Store for Ingress you'll get a ton of results.  So here's my pick of the litter:

new website, new hosting, same mobile app (little more polished).
there is a BRAND new version on their site, so don't forget to get it, as it fixes the new issue.  Ensure you get v.0.3 from their site (Mirror)

Covered it previously:

Ingress Portal Calculator
Several bits of info that you would need to know about XMP bursters, possible portal levels etc...

Ingress Passcodes
Unless you're really good a crypto puzzles, getting a passcode is pretty hard.  This app has push notifications to copy the code to your clipboard so you can just 'paste' when they come in.

I think I'm abut 1 out of 10 that actually work.

The original app is no longer in the play store... so try the link above or download the APK here.


  • Intel (if you don't want to use the IITC) - it actually has gotten better (stability wise).

  • IPAS - Ingress Portal Attack Simulator.  Great to really check to see if you can take out that portal or not.  On mobile it's not so bad.  Select what level each of the resonators are, then select your shields and then what level burster you'll use.  Then just tap in the circle where you'd stand to fire, and it'll show approximately how much damage would occur and keep a running tally for you.

Bonus options...

Countdown timer - Handy if you're farming (who's got that kind of time tho')

Did I miss any?