I get a bumper for the Nexus 4

A while back we did a poll on "how do you protect your phone" and, most of you answered that "Naked" was the way to go.

Well, I personally like 'naked', but I had a TPU case (shell) with a back on mine.  Just for protection.  Well, I wanted to try the bumper case, but the inner Scot in me refused to buy an item for $20 and pay $11 shipping... I refused.

Thanks to +Sivan Rehan I 'bummed a ride' on her shipping, so I got one now.

So, I've got it now and put it on immediately.

It's nice.  It's cool to be able to see the Nexus logo and the 'glitter' in all its glory now.

And the buttons feel like it's actually part of the device - whereas on the cheaper cases it feels like you're just barely touching the button.

Now it is a bit thick.  That's a bit of an issue I'm finding.  It doesn't look that much bigger than the TPU case, but you can definitely feel it.

The backing does have some 'rubbery' stuff that will help keep it from being so slippery (Tom's described the back as being coated in buter!).

Also, the bottom port for the charger does fit standard charging cables, but if you have any dock or thicker base, it won't work... see my photos.  I really don't recommend you do as I did and shave it to a custom fit.  (More of a hack and slash until it works)

doesn't fit
it's in, but not in deep enough (no jokes)
ahhh, that's better!


  1. That's what she said.

    I don't care that you said no jokes. Fascist.


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