HTC One Pre-Orders, Did You Snag One?

We've talked about the HTC One a little during our Friday Night Hangouts and +Ryan Moore show some great interest in the phone and was kinda on the fence whether he was going to shoot for it or not. Me on the other hand I was sure I was going to pass until something caught my attention...

Telus and Bell announced an April 19th launch and Rogers will likely follow suite. I've personally pre-ordered one of these through Rogers and currently sit in the position of 497. Anyone else waiting for this device before they pounce of their next upgrade?

Obviously our friends in Europe have got their hands on this phone first and videos have started popping up all over the internet just taunting and teasing us.
If you're one of the hopeful owners, what is it about the HTC One that's capturing your interest?

What captures my eye:

  • Ultra Pixel? Apparently 300% more efficient in low light.
  • Full Aluminium Body (Sexy!)
  • BoomSound - Finally! Front facing speakers!
  • Sense 5.0. I still believe Sense is the most beautiful UI, now that they've cut out a lot of the bloat. I'm interested to see what's new from the HTC One X.
Feel free to post in the comments below why you think the HTC One is going to be the phone of the year, or the flop of the century.