HTC One Devices Find Their Way to Carrier Shelves

The HTC One is probably one of the more sought after phones currently in Canada, floating right beside the Galaxy S4 and other rumoured devices yet to be unveiled. The main focus today is HTC One devices are now filling the shelves of your local supporting carriers as we speak.

Even my pre-order has been shipped as of today to the carrier location of my choice.

Some lucky HTC One hopefuls in Canada have already managed to get their hands on the Rogers HTC One due to Rogers actually sending devices out early for a change, sadly I was not one of those lucky ones.

I got the email today saying my device has shipped and it would take and estimated 4 days to reach my carrier location for pickup, so it seems I'll be enjoying mine early next week rather than my hopes of having it for our Friday Night Hangout.

But enough about me... so weather you've pre-ordered your HTC One, or you're simply going to go phone hunting this Friday, you can be confident they'll be stocked up and waiting for you.

I'll be posting a couple head to head videos of my current Nexus 4 vs the Rogers HTC One with a couple benchmarks later. So keep your eyes open for those.


  1. BEST BUY in Edmonton has them... in the back :( Apr 17


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