How to get Google Voice in Canada

Act quickly... this may not last long.

AAAND you don't get a Canadian number.  But, at least you get A number to receive calls on.

The biggest reason to do it, however, is just to stick it to Google for the time being.  I mean we put up with so much of the 'oh, sorry Canada, maybe next roll-out, psyke'

So, let's go and get our GVoice numbers now, show Google that there is a demand here in Canada to have it working.

For this project you'll need a few things:  a proxy server, Burner, Google Voice, GrooveIP (optional)

  • On your cell phone install then run the Burner app and it'll get you one free US phone number, it's only good for a little bit, but it's all we need.
  • Then go to your web browser and use a proxy server and sign in to
    • (thanks to +Martin Guay for the help as I couldn't get my normal ones working -- he suggested
  • Once you're 'proxied', sign in and there'll be an option to 'Get a Voice number'
  • To do this it'll ask for a US number -- give it the burner.  It'll give you a verification code to use when you get the call.
    • It'll then call.  What happens is that it'll give you a notification that a call is coming to it, then you'll receive a call from the burner number.  Answer the call and hit 1 to accept burner to put it through.
    • Then Google'll be on the line -- give it the verification code.
  • You can hang up now or go through the voicemail set up etc...
  • On the web it'll ask you to set up your number.  Pick a city close (I picked Duluth) and just take a number -- you can always change it later (though we'll need another US number to verify).
  • Before you forget (if you didn't do it on the phone call) go set up your voicemail pin.  When you're in the Google Voice app, it needs to know your PIN.
  • Run the Google Voice app on your phone and go through the walk through steps and you'll be good!

Now you can run apps like GrooveIP.  Sure, they would work fine to 'dial out' before, but now that you have a true Google Voice number, you have a number your Ameri-friends can call you at, and it'll route through GrooveIP or Google Chat (note, both need to have data to work -- so if you're travelling in the US you'll need to be in a WiFi zone).

I disabled and uninstalled Burner after (but it could prove useful should I want to travel for a while), so I tried to get it to call my cell number, but it wouldn't work.  So for now I just have it coming through GrooveIP or Chat.

doesn't forward to a Canadian number... yet

Not hella useful, but cool to have!  Thanks Burner!


  1. i hope this works!
    i signed up for grand central way beck when. when google bought it i was excited it would get the backing and development it could use. then they cut me off. i still have the number but i've moved since signing up. it has my candian number as my home number but it won't let me change it to my cell number. it tells me it's an area code outside of the US and reverts back to the number it had originally.
    recently voice (google) sent me an email saying i had to update my info in order to keep my voice account active. i couldn't because i form canada. my voice account will probably be wiped. :(
    it was so handy to have when it worked. i really hope some pressure will speed up the process of getting it official in canada.
    my voice number is (213) 784-7432. call and see what happens.

  2. Once you have the number, can you have it redirect/ring to your canadian numbers? I am not sure I understood why it needs data to work..

    1. no - it wont' go to a canadian number... just leave it as the burner - it won't know that it's dead. You can also set it to forward to your gchat, or use grooveIP to receive calls.

  3. Instead of 'Burner' use a number from You can forward it permanently from GV to your cell or home etc.

    Once you have a GV number, download the 'Voice+ Google Voice Callback' app and save big money on your cell phone plan.



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