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Grabbing The Best Apps for your Sony Smartwatch

So a few days ago I picked up the Sony SmartWatch and I did a small review on it pointing out the ups and downs of owning one, If you missed that article, you can find it here.
The Sony SmartWatch doesn't come with any pre-loaded apps, so it's up to you to install the tools and functions to make it operate the way you want it to.
I'm going to highlight some of the apps I personally use to get the most out of my SmartWatch.

Common Apps Sony Provides:

  • Smart Connect (Needed to connect your watch to your phone)
  • SmartWatch (Another required app)
  • Sony Extras for FaceBook
  • Sony Smart Extras Twitter
  • Missed Call Smart Extras
  • Messaging Smart Extras
  • Call Handling Smart Extras (Silence, accept, decline incoming calls)
  • PhoneBook Smart Extras (Allows you to place calls from your contacts list)
  • Calendar Reminders Smart Ext
  • Music Player Smart Extras
All these are common and provided by Sony for the SmartWatch and most can be found within the SmartWatch app or by simply going to Google Play and searching Sony Mobile Communications.

Now for the more outside the box tools:

These are just some of the ones I'm currently uses right now that are all free, there are however many more to discover and play with. Hope this helps all you SmartWatch users enhance your experience.

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