Commenting on our blog is now even BETTER! (Google+ integration)

It's funny, because just yesterday +Mike Wallace was letting me know how difficult it was to comment on our blog.  (You remember Mike?  He was on our Hangout a little bit ago talking about Minecraftica).

Well, Google announced that they've just made commenting a fair bit easier (at least for a certain segment of the population).

You now can comment on our posts in Google+ and they carry over to this blog!  Yay!
This makes it a bit easier as there was seeming to be some hoops to jump through to comment.  We had set up the system to not allow anonymous posts (we got a fair bit of spam, despite our insignificant size), so you need some form of ID... but even still... there was issues.

Now, this means that in order TO post, you do need to have a Google+ account.  But come on... as many on G+ as on Twitter now!

So, comment away!