Charging Dock for HTC One

Hello, my name is +Tom Gray and I'm addicted to eBay...

Okie... now we got that out the way, back to business.
I'm currently drooling over the HTC One, as it's just days away from my finger tips, knowing this I can't help but accessorize, and what better place to do that than eBay?

Found this great charging dock on eBay for the HTC One that's going to 'fit perfectly'. find out why this one is worthy of my attention. 

When It comes to accessorizing your Android phones, sometimes docks can be a little funny.

A lot of charging dock manufactures don't take in to account that many users have cases on their phones, which in many cases leaves your dock inoperable without removing the case first.
Someone is really using their head and included a removable plate to this charging dock so whether you're rockin' your phone naked, or keepin' it cozy in a case, you'll never be forced to skip the dock.

Keep in mind this gives you enough room to use a snap case or something basic, don't expect to have a thick leather monster on your phone and think it's going to fit.

After Tax and shipping this charging dock will run you about $30. It's not the cheapest dock available granted, but with optional case support it just seems the most logical in my opinion.

If you're interested in this item, you can Find it Here on eBay.