Canada holds the SwiftKey "Longest Flowed" stat

So a while ago on one of our hangouts, and our polls we asked you what keyboard you were using (must have been before we started the whole regular hangout).

Anyways, my pick has always been SwiftKey, even more so after they added "Flow".  Really good stuff.

Are you using it?  How much are you using Flow?  If you're a Canadian, SwiftKey thinks you use it a lot.
Recently on their blog, SwiftKey released some data that they've collected from their users.  NO, not any personal data -- they've told you before that they don't collect any personal info -- especially from stuff you write.

Check this juicy tidbit:
And Canadians flow the longest distance, at 6.4m/day (vs 5.1m overall).
Something to be proud of!  I know i use 'flow' for all my typing.