AudioManager Pro - Keeping Your Volumes in Check

One of many Android System Enhancement apps I cannot live without is AudioManager Pro. The missing link to many Android devices.

Read more to find out why AudioManager Pro deserves my attention.

AudioManager Pro is an all in one volume utility app that gives the user full control over their systems volume levels.
With the use of on screen widgets and time scheduled profiles, your phone will sing beautifully, but only when you want it to.

As you can see from the screenshots above, I have my levels of volume set to where I like them. Then I make multiple profiles to Weekday, Weekend, and Night time.

  • Weekday profile is set to raise all volumes to medium at 6AM when I leave for work.
  • Weekend raises my volumes at 8AM so I can sleep in a little
  • Where's my Night time or Mute profile silences all sounds except my Alarm and Phone calls at 10PM so I will sleep undisturbed.

These schedules will ensure my phone will act just right when I need it to, without me having to adjust volumes manually multiple times a day. 

AudioManager Pro runs you $2.99. However, there's also a free version with some limitations, but you don't want that right? Go pro or go home.

Get it on Google Play