App Hoarders or Lean and Mean - How many apps you have installed [poll results]

So last week, the question I asked you all was how many apps you had installed.

This came about as I had 2 devices to test out and I always find it hard to comment on the battery life of them as they're new, and virginal, and as such, very little on them, so it's hard to say how they'll last in real world conditions.

One of the things people comment on about bad battery life is 'how many apps do you have installed?'  Not to say that having more apps directly equals bad battery, but there is a correlation with more apps equaling the potential for some of those apps to be battery hogs.

So, let's see how you answered... how many apps do you have installed?
Last weekend's hangout we did an impromptu poll and the average # of apps for the panel was 93.

In our poll, from what you answered the average was 90.4.

Not bad.  I'm at 121 at the moment (plus there's a bunch that I've sideloaded from Humble Bundle, but we said those wouldn't count).  So I'm above average almost one standard deviation (whether that's a good thing or not is a different story).

I also asked what were some of the 'unique' apps you've acquired, and what were some of the 'hoarder' apps you couldn't get rid of (even though you hardly use it).

SignalCoverage Antutu
Fast Times currents
Untapp'd kijiji
Expense Manager
Timatable by Gabriel Ittner ClockWidget-39
SmartKvit  Google Googles
Rando Evernote
wifi analyzer
photosphere LWP Pose Tool
Fast Times: Chicago CTA xkcd Browser
cyclone 2000 ConnectBot
Action Potato
L-lingo Tagalog  Twitter
IITC Mobile n/a
BeWeather Pro Androidify
Backcountry Navigator Pro Printbot
aCar by Zonewalker SAS Survival Guide
First Aid-
ExitCarMode First Aid-American Red Cross
Samsung mobile link Snapseed
Pattrn Paperland Live Wallpaper