Why You Should Choose the Note II... or Nexus 4

Looking for a new taste of Android? Good, because I have a couple options to suggest.

We love our Androids for our own reasons, which may include any number of the customization features that it offers. I most enjoy being able to pick and choose the type and style of keyboard I am using. My favourite is Swype, even though the stock Samsung keyboard is getting pretty close.

So many things can be done with our beloved Android phones
that give us exclusive bragging rights that not many others can.
Custom ROMs, themes, launchers, keyboards, icons, galleries, file
managers, text messengers, individual aspects that can be change
via root, and even interchangeable batteries is something we have
that a lot are missing out on.

Why the Note II? I have gone from ROM to ROM, phone to phone and I still wanted something that no one had, especially in Canada. The S3 started to feel like the Iphone of Android, and one of my original reasoning's for choosing Android, was so that I was not like everyone else. Plus, I can't stand Apple.

The Note II gives you a whole new aspect of Android that is refreshing and also just plain neat. Given the lack of variety when it comes to S-Pen specific apps, we can still thank Samsung for holding a competitions for the S-Pen that brought a boot load it's way. I find myself using S-Pen only apps more and more, and my cursive is improving drastically. A forgotten art in my mind.

Update 4.1.2 Premium Suite gave us multi-window, a stanchion for the bridge between the mobile experience and desktop. Hopefully there will be more apps that are integrated into this feature over time. There were all kinds of pop-up features included that you utilize with the S-Pen, that really bring another dimension to the phone. Also some stylistic features and a neat lasso cut-and-paste.

If you haven't had a chance to try out this giant phone, when you do, you will realize that it is quite user friendly, with features to accommodate the smaller-than-average handed like myself. When you go back to another phone, you will feel that maybe your old phone may seem undersized. Plus the specs on this phone are pretty awesome.

When it comes down to it, if you want something fresh or something new, you must go with the Note II for a different aspect, or the Nexus 4 to have all the latest updates directly from the source.