What was your #1 Tip for New/Non-Android Users [Poll Results[

Last week I asked you to share what your #1 Tip or Trick would be to show off to a new Android user.

Do you show off a cool widget, or set up their calendar... Do you show them a neat app?  How about NFC?

Let's see what you responded with:


So, the big thing is "Widget".  Much of the 'other' section is more widgets or a hodge podge.

And it's true.  Widgets are the cool separator from what the other competitors have.  Nothing as interactive or 'at a glance' notice of what's going on for what you care about without having to load something up.

Here's some of what you said about them:
Personally, I use WidegetLocker as my lock screen, so just turning on my phone for someone to look at gives them a good shock.
I have arranged my various folders/icons/widgets in such a way as to group them into daily needs i.e. travel info, music, note taking etc. 
I would show how customizable the OS is by adding a few widgets and resizing them.  More importantly illustrating to the noob how much more efficient they will be when they use widgets effectively. 
But, let's take a look at some of the other cool tips you did suggest:

Google Now

definitely a big plus.  Something I rave about to anybody who can handle 4.1+.  I've written a great article about it here.
I would show them my Google Now app. Explain to them that it took all of 3 days for my phone to figure out where I work and live. Then after inputting my favorite teams it shows me scores and schedules. You need stocks? Got that. You need to know what you're located near? Got that. Better leave now, Google is telling you it will take 22 minutes to get home! 
It's fun watching people's faces when you say "Google ... is it snowing in Vancouver?" and she talks back.  Or "Google ... I am hungry." and up pops a list of all sorts of nearby restaurants with website, phone, and nav links.  It's one that gets cooler, the more you learn about it.
Specific Apps
My "backcountry navigator" app. Full offline mapping software, not available for ios. No turn by turn, but topo maps for hiking, hunting, camping, etc. As well as dozens of other map styles like Open Street. 
I show them everything and I explain that they can get all the apps they ever wanted  for free.  They seem to like the big screens and my S-Pen.  To convert Apple users, I just tell them that everyone has them,  and they are trendy.
Google Integration
Did we miss anything?