Watch our Friday Night Hangout #21

We had a great time hanging out on Friday.  Great discussion on Android of course!

Unfortunately, +Tom Gray (take care April) +Cass Morrison (have fun in the sun for me) and +Brandon Starcevic (keep your boots clean!) were unavailable, so we had some of our good friends pop in:  +Sivan Rehan & +Brian Evans.

If you want to join in the next hangout, let us know!  It's great to have conversation with a wide variety of fans.

(pictured is Brian showing off his smartTV which he was using his #appcoliseum choice for)

Also, Sylvain has links for the youtube, mp4, mp3, etc... for you to watch when you're offline as well.  Just check out the Friday Night Hangout tab on the site.

Our Friday Night Hangout, as per the name, occurs every Friday night from 11PM EST on air with the panel, and then opens up to 'free for all' off-air around midnight.

To follow along the agenda visit the doc: