Using your Android for Office Documents

So, I've had a few people get some new Android devices and as new users they've asked me a few questions.  I just shared with you  earlier what you said you were your #1 tips and tricks to show off...

...but often I'm asked many questions.  Most often it's "How do I get Microsoft Word on here".  (which is still rumoured some time this year if I recall that bit of gossip correctly)

That's a /facepalm question off the hop, but ... it's something I get asked more and more.  So I thought I'd do up a quick review of some options.  Quickoffice Pro and Office Suite Pro.  The other that I use are Google Docs of course, but I've used also Polaris and Think Office as well, but Polaris and Think Office only seem to come 'pre-installed', and after comparing the groups, I think that these 2 are the best bets.
There's probably more out there to cover, so sound off in the comments what you think is good as well.

Note, I didn't want to cover Google Docs in this because it's a) pretty intense in itself and can be its own article; b) it doesn't quite integrate with regular 'office' files as of yet, because you do have to convert them in and out of Docs format.  As much as I KNOW that it's as good and better in many ways, for the scope of the normal folk I'll leave the confusion part out.

First up:
Quickoffice Pro

It starts off a little expensive at $15 ($20 for the HD version), but when you compare to actual MS Office, it's pretty cheap.

Off the hop I like it because it has several cloud options to plug into.

You have

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • Box
  • Evernote
  • Catch (? - I might have to look into this one)
  • SugarSync
  • Huddle (? -- ooh, another I didn't know about)
  • egnyte
Nice to be able to work directly from those clouds, versus having to download them via their app and then work on it.

Word Processing
Standard fare here.  Nothing exciting at all.  It does exactly what you need it to.  Type, select, and format.

It does have table support which is something that Docs themselves only recently got.  And you have a fair amount work you can do with them.

You can add in photos as well.

Though it's a little odd on that once it's in you can't really do much with it after.

Overall it's a little tricky to work on the documents as the keyboard pops up a lot as you press around, and in doing so gets rid of the toolbar at the bottom, so I found myself constantly hitting 'back' to lose the keyboard then hitting menu to bring up the toolbar again.

Nothing overly exciting here either.  Has exactly what you'd expect.  Enter data or formulas into cell with some of the formatting as well.

Like the others, it allows you to do basic work on your files.  Create slides, insert items, attach text with formatting.

You have a fair amount of standard templates for new slides, which makes it easier to create from the phone.  The less key presses (screen touches) the better.

Presenting is pretty standard as well.

Adobe PDF
Pretty straight forward viewing with some annotations available.

Overall - nothing really causes it to stand out, which is a shame as it's so expensive.  But it works is the key thing.  It works well.

The best case scenario for this I find is to have a file that you may need to edit or change slightly, as starting from scratch on any document is quite the undertaking on a mobile device.

Quickoffice Pro - $14.57
Get it on Google Play

Get it on Google Play

Office Suite Pro 7

(on sale for $5.11 right now!)

This one's my favourite (if I had to choose).  It's definitely cheaper which helps with the pocket book.

What makes this one stand out in my eyes is that it's definitely designed with Holo in mind.  Very nice slide out panels and overall a very good polished look.

It also allows for connection with cloud accounts, however, less than Quickoffice, but more of the popular ones:  Drive, Dropbox, Box, SugarSync and SkyDrive.

Word Processing
Immediately I find this easier on the eyes and the formatting bar stays while you type.  Gives you less real estate on the screen, but it's what you want.

The tool bar is a little basic, so if you want anything else you'll have to go into the menu settings to find it.  Very 2003'esque in that sense.

You also get standard table workings and a really great photo support (sizing and rotation)

Does all the basic features you're going to need to have while on the go.

You even get chart support which is pretty cool

Nothing fancy dancy here.

Although, like with the word processor, great support and work with the photos.

When you add a new slide you only have 4 'templates' to choose from (title, title and content, 2 content and blank).  So it's a little less than Quickoffice.

Adobe PDF
You get viewing and that's about it.  No annotation unfortunately.

Quickoffice Pro 7 (HD & PDF) - $5.11 (on sale)
Get it on Google Play


  1. A while back, an author that I follow on Twitter recommended Softmaker's office suite, which is TextMaker (word processor), Presentations Mobile (think PowerPoint) and PlanMaker (spreadsheet). It's quite a nice little set of apps.


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