Touch Control, Unlock your Nexus 4 Without Buttons

Owning an Android is a wonderful thing. We'll all have similar phones, but the ones who really know how to harness its open environment and customize it to new levels can really bring out the WOW! when showing it off.

One of the features to help get you to that point is called Touch Control.

When the new BlackBerry 10 came out, one of the features my group of friends here at +Android Coliseum were talking about was the ability to unlock the phone just by swiping up on the screen. So I did a little research and found Touch Control.

Touch Control allows you to swipe to unlock your phone while the screen is off. It also allows you to adjust the sensitivity of the swipe, direction, and even how far to swipe.

Touch Control also allows features like single or double tap to wake, as well as slide to lock. Removing the need to use the physical buttons is not necessarily a need, but allows you to handle your device differently. Remember, This isn't an Apple iPhone, there's no wrong way to hold an Android.

This version of Touch Control is only for the Nexus 4 and requires Root and a supporting kernel to function properly. Because this is such a pin point mod, I STRONGLY encourage you to do your own little research and read the description of the app carefully.

As always, this is one of those Use at your own risk situations. If you screw up your phone due to you skimming rather than carefully reading is not our problem.

Get it on Google Play

There is also one for the Galaxy Nexus as well. Click on the Google Play link and check the "More from Developer" On the left hand side of the page to find that as well as free try before you buy version.

Good Luck! Remember....Read read read...