Protect Your Information With Google's Own Authenticator

With the increasing amount of computer related attacks and people's passwords getting stolen, it becomes apparent that protecting your information is a very good idea.
I came to the realization that my Google Account with a single password accesses my Bookmarks, Contacts, Google+ Profiles, Emails, My Blogger Access, and basically any and all information about myself and family including pictures and addresses and phone numbers.

I decided to jump on Google's 2-step verification using Google's Own Authenticator App.

I've seen the Google Authenticator for a while on the Google Play Store, but I never thought anything of it. I had the same mind set like many other people. (I'm careful, my account is not likely to be stolen), but the off chance that it does, if you're like me, your entire life is tied to that single password. The though of all that in the hands on a stranger is a scary thing. As funny as it is, I'd feel more secure losing my wallet than my password and/or phone. It's easy to call and have your credit card canceled and debit frozen.

I'm not going to lie, setting up Google's Authenticator was a little bit of a hassle approving all my devices and generating passwords for them when all my syncing stopped, but I really feel more secure now.

Google gives you the option to "Trust this computer" so theoretically you'll never have to generate codes while your at home on your trusted computer. However, if you use an untrusted computer and you have Google's Authenticator installed, It'll automatically send you a text message with a 6 digit code to enter after entering your current password as a 2nd level of security.

What if I lose my phone?: That's taken care of too. You can deactivate your phone as a trusted device at your trusted computer... Oh but wait... Someone broke in to my house and stoled my computer at the same day I lost my phone...Oh No...What now!?!? You're still covered. Google asks you to setup a secondary phone for an authenticator incase your phone is lost or stolen and you're not able to access one of your trusted computers, so I have my wife as my backup.

Google Authenticator is a little hassel to setup the first time around, but think of how much drama it'll cause if you DON'T use it. For a guy like me who writes for this website, it would be a disaster for someone to delete our website if they know what they're doing, as well as get all my family phone numbers, addresses, family pictures.... yikes...

Do yourself a favor, check out Google Authenticator, it could potentially save you from a major disaster and headache down the road.

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