[Poll] What's your next phone?

I've had a few questions like this lately.  It's something that plagues any tech enthusiast, no matter their area of 'expertise'.

When I sold computers, it was which one do I buy?  When it was TVs or digital cameras, same thing.

The world of tech changes so quickly that it's hard to make a decision, because the 'next best thing' is just around the corner.

During our hangouts we've had quite the discussion about 'the next Nexus' or the Galaxy S4, or the HTC One...

I've been debating about writing an article trying to 'espouse the differences' between the new upcoming devices.  But, that's why I keep the databases... let you look them over and make your own decision.  I guess it's my 'sales training'.  It's all about the education to allow you to make the proper informed decision.

So, let me ask you... what's YOUR next phone?

Assume your phone contract is up soon (say the end of April or so... whenever some of these phones would be available) and you get to choose a new one.  I'd like to say "cost isn't an issue", but let's keep it realistic, because often cost is a big factor in what we purchase and why.

There's some cool devices coming out.  The HTC One (my pick), the S4 (Cass's pick), anything Sony (Mark's usual choice), etc...  Don't forget to check out the database of devices to compare them.

Some might say 'the next Nexus', but you know what?  That's not out yet, and anything is conjecture... but if you can't choose one of those above, maybe you could write that.

So, pick... and if you like, provide some insight into WHY.