Photo Editing on Android [Photoshop Express]

A while ago I talked about this course coming up on "Android Photography" and what you could learn about using your device.  Well, there was some interest in people learning what we could use AFTER we took the photo.

Today I wanted to share with you some of the options.  Maybe that teacher might want to spy in on this article for some tips.  :)

There's PLENTY of apps out there for you to do some editing of your photos.  Not everybody is going to find 'their winner'.  Some people love GIMP, some are Photoshop ONLY.  To that end I'm going to talk about just 4 ... 5 options for you to look over.

These are the ones I've used the most, but let me know if there's ones you prefer in the comments.

This will cover part 4 - Photoshop Express.  After part 5 I'll do a 'comparison' article.

Photoshop, the mainstay of any 'photo editor'.  The de-facto "I know what I'm doing because I have Photoshop".  Yes, I'm starting to sound a bit like a hipster, but it's true.  A good knowledge of Photoshop is a powerful bit of knowledge in saving your butt at work and editing.  I use it and it only at work.  Sure, some others are easier, and it's like using a shotgun to get rid of bugs in some cases, but I know it inside and out.

So using this... forget all that.  Express... it means it's easy.  And, hey, it's the free version, so deal with it.  It's meant to be a simple editor.

First off you are presented with a nice gallery mode.  Picking a photo let's you view it.  If you want to edit, you'll have to hit the menu and choose to edit.

You have four items across the top which allows you to make changes.  The first is to crop, rotate, straighten or flip.  Simple, straight forward.

Then we have the adjustments for colours.  This gives you exposure levels, saturation, tint, contrast, brightness as well as a quick BW filter amount.  Adjusting is as simple as choosing then sliding left/right with your finger.

The third just has a drop down for 'soft focus'.  Which is weird to have just one spot for one thing... but ah well.  It applies a uniform gaussian blur over the whole photo, and sliding left/right adjusts how much.

The last option has 'effects' and borders.  Effects are the cheesy 'instagram'ish styles you've seen before (tho' I do like the 'soft glow') and they're on or off, no adjustable amounts.

Borders has a variety of styles of borders you just click to apply.

Not as feature packed as it's full desktop counterpart, but for free it does a fair bit.

Get it on Google Play