Photo Editing on Android [Photoshop Touch]

A while ago I talked about this course coming up on "Android Photography" and what you could learn about using your device.  Well, there was some interest in people learning what we could use AFTER we took the photo.

Today I wanted to share with you some of the options.  Maybe that teacher might want to spy in on this article for some tips.  :)

There's PLENTY of apps out there for you to do some editing of your photos.  Not everybody is going to find 'their winner'.  Some people love GIMP, some are Photoshop ONLY.  To that end I'm going to talk about just 4 ... 5 options for you to look over.

These are the ones I've used the most, but let me know if there's ones you prefer in the comments.

This will cover part 5 - Photoshop Touch.  After part 5 I'll do a 'comparison' article.

Now we're getting into real Photoshop territory.  I reviewed the Touch app way back when it was only for tablets.  So those who wanted it on their phones had to find a 'fixed' version.

Well, now it's available on our phones.  And of the 5 I'm showing you today this is the only one that costs.  But for $5, it's really got a lot of features.

Unlike the Express app it doesn't start from the gallery, as like Photoshop you tend to work on projects, so they ask if you want to pick up where you left off.

Now, where to begin?  There's just soooo much we can do here.  Along the top are selection items, adjustments, effects and 'etc...'.

Selection works pretty much like you'd expect, and then the power here is that whatever you do after only happens to the selected areas (not sure why I explained that, as if you're reading this you're probably already a photo editor).

Adjustments gives you a standard ability to play with some saturation, tints and other filters.  What's nice is you do have control over curves and/or levels for your playing pleasure.

What's in the 'effects'?  A whack load of filters to apply to your photo.  Each of them when selected has some 'intensity' sliders which is kind of what I used to like to do on Photoshop with 'apply' then 'fade undo'.

There's just too much to show off on here individually.  You'll have to play with them yourself to see what you like and what works for what scenarios

The 'etc' has started 'fixes'.  I.e. crop, adjust size, rotates and even some other neat features like 'lens flare' or camera fill (go ahead and select an area... say someone's face, then take a picture to fill that area.  Works great for replacing skies).

The bottom part has your 'touch tools'.

I.e. your clone stamps, brushes, selections.  Holding down on each let's you have the pop out for the more precise tool for your need.  As you select a tool you'll notice that the buttons in the middle change depending on the tool (like brush size and 'source' for ones like healing).

Over to the right we have our layers.  The ultimate power tool for Photoshop.  You can do a lot here.  I'll leave some tips and tricks to the professionals.  But most basic options you can set.  Layer another photo on top, adjust opacity and blending options etc...

And that's Photoshop Touch.  Definitely there's a TON more to this app than I can simply cover in a simple article.  Try it out, it's got a lot.  This is where you notice that having the tablet and/or phablet would be much easier to use with this app.  Depending on what you're doing with your photos I guess.

Phone ($5)

Get it on Google Play

Tablet ($10)

Get it on Google Play