PC Financial Gives you another Canadian app!

I love it when companies give you an app to use with their service.  Especially if it's a useful app.

I love it even more when they say it's for Android (one of my pet peeves is when they say stuff like "for your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch ... and your Android device"... like we're an after thought).

Anyways, it's even more gratifying when it's a Canadian service.  I think my maple leaf shirts get a little more glow-y red when that happens.

PC Financial has got it's Android app now available.

President's Choice - the economical option while grocery shopping has a financial institution that's quite the genius by having their locations IN the grocery stores!

Well, if you've been using their service, you can now access your banking on the go with their new app.


Add it to the ever growing list of Canadian apps out there...

Android app on Google Play

...what Canadian apps you might ask?  Well, these!
(if you have an app that you think belongs in this list, just let us know!)