New toy in the house - FitBit

I'm doing a spring challenge where I have to count steps and do a bunch of other stuff. My husband is going to do it as well but we have to get cool tech as motivation. Enter the Fit Bit One.
The Fit Bit is pretty cool. It recharges very quickly and  lasts several days. It comes with a clip and an armband as well as the charging cable. A complete package. Using the accelerometers it can measure steps, stairs and sleep quality which is all updated to the website via a dongle (unless you have the Note 2 or S3)

The website is pretty comprehensive. The dashboard includes your overall status and tabs to manually input food, activities, weight (if you don't have the Aria scale) If you are on a health mission, this should really help you out. Then there's the competitive social aspect. You can set up friends on line and monitor their progress from the android app if you need a little encouragement. Of course it will only have what's been updated to the website.

Speaking of the android app...the FitBit app displays the information that has been uploaded to the website from your FitBit as well as allowing you to enter food and other activities that will sync with the website. An odd feature is a water tracker. You can track your water, but unlike all the other parameters, you cannot adjust the goal. This would be ok if it was a good water level but it's only 48 ounces which is quite low. The Fit Bit app merges information I currently get from a few different apps. Hydrate for water consumption and Sleep as Android for sleep tracking. Since the stand alone apps are low resource users I'll continue to use them.

If you think the FitBit will help you attain your lifestyle goals make sure to check out the app.

Get it on Google Play