Ingress to Allow In App Portal Suggestions


Not that I really 'venture' to play the game of Ingress.  Most of my play is en route to work and around my office on a coffee break.  And anything else is typically looking through the IITC app I showed you the other day.  I'll pick a target and go after it.  Not often do I think about "hey I should put a new portal here".

When I do, it's usually because I am playing.  I'll be waiting for a cool down and then I'll see something that I think I should submit.

I'll have to get out of Ingress, load up the camera, (ensure GPS is on) take the picture, swipe to that picture, hit share, choose NIA OPS, go through the naming, choose an email, send.

Lots of steps.  Well, hopefully for not much longer.
So if you're following the online (looking for clues for passcodes like I am) you'll notice that March 13th's "Portal Discovery" talked about what looks like potential updates to the scanner app.

Nice!  That'd be really cool to be able to suggest a portal within the app.  Can't tell if it's just a clue for another passcode or it's really legit.  But it looks good.