Ingress Intel Total Conversion -- now it's an APP!

For those of you playing Ingress, it's been a fun game.  Start playing for any length of time and you start to have to play smarter, not harder.  Especially if you're a lone player and your resources are getting low.

One of the best tools at any players' disposal is the Ingress Intel Map.

The Intel map let's you see what portals are out there how much energy they have, their range, etc... and it lets you have a channel to talk to other players.  Great for seeing what's where.  But it's kinda limited... when you start to think about what else you might want.

Thus enters breunigs and their Ingres Intel Total Conversion.

So, for those who aren't familiar with the Intel Map, here's a sample of what it looks like.

So you can see the player chatter, the portals and some basic info about the portals.  Good enough.

But the more you want to know, you're out of luck.  So you try out the breunigs script.  Here's a sample of what it looks like:

You get all the same, but you can see specifically what time a portal was taken (so you can know when it'll be drained of XM), and with some other plugins can determine how much AP can be earned in an area, for a portal; even determine the best case scenario for building fields.  Good stuff.

Up until now it was only available on the web app as you had to install a javascript for it.  Doesn't quite work on the Chrome app for the phone.

Well, yesterday they came out with a mobile app.  But here's the thing - technically Google/Niantic doesn't like you to use 3rd party apps to access their game.  So, because of that, I'm assuming, they haven't been able to install in the Play Store.  So, in order to install it you'll have to grab it from the website: --

Mirror (my copy folder) - IITC.apk

Download the apk and side-load it and it's golden!

I made a quick video sample:


  1. Create APP for ingress!

    And I have 2 wishes:
    1) Could you put to the Info Tab an Navigator Button, to start google navigator.
    2) Could you create an GPX-File with all the portal on the screen? Blue->Mytrie Green->Multi


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