Humble Bundle 5 now available - help charities, get games

Humble Bundle, a great little program set up to assist indie game developers to help get their games out there and to help raise money for charities.

It works like this:

  • Indie developers make their games available to download
  • You pick how much you want to buy the games for ... pay anything you want... anything
    • (if you pay more than the average you get some bonuses)
  • You decide how much of what you paid goes to the developers, and how much goes to charities.
  • Everybody wins.
The 5th iteration of this great opportunity is now live on their site:

This time around we have 4 games up for grabs, with 2 bonus if you pay more than the average (at the time of writing the average was $6.65).

When you think of all the games you get (which you get more than just Android versions, you get the PC/Mac/Linux versions as well)... even $10 is a steal!  And it's integrated with Google Wallet... how cool is that!!

Go grab it now while it's early.  The great thing is that if they add more games later, you'll get the others as well.